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Can You Help?

A couple of years ago, the Heritage Group held an exhibition which displayed many school photographs which included Chester-le-Street Grammar School, Bullion Lane Secondary Modern, Red Rose School, Hilda Park School and the Hermitage Comprehensive amongst others.

One of the objects of the exhibition was to collect the names of those pupils and teachers who appeared in the photographs. However, one year group in particular, which had the least amount of names associated with the pictures was Chester-le-Street Grammar School for the year 1960. The photographs shown below are the ones that we have the least number of names for and we would greatly appreciate any help you could provide in identifying those displayed here.


Can you name any of the pupils & teachers in these photographs of Chester-le-Street Grammar School - Year 1960?

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Download the Photo Names Document:

If you are able to identify anyone on these photographs, then please download the

Photo Names Document by clicking on the button opposite and then email it to the

Heritage Group. (The email address is on the Photo Names Doc.)

Like a copy of any of the photographs shown?

If you would like a printed copy of any of the photographs shown, then please email the Heritage Group and state the “Photo Number”. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of printing, postage and packaging.

Photo Names Doc