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Dr A Cecil Renton

Dr Renton was born in 1888 at St Mary’s House on the Front Street. He joined his father in practice in 1912. He was a very popular doctor and at his funeral in 1927 the journey from his home Castle View to the parish church saw the streets lined with people, business was suspended and the blinds of all the houses and shops in the town were drawn.

The People

George William Horner

He took over the factory behind the Front Street in 1911 and within a few short years his “Five Acres of Sweetness” and especially his “Dainty Dinah Toffee” was famous worldwide. His son Kenneth succeeded to the business which eventually closed in the 1960’s.

James Walton

Walton’s butchers shop was at Bridge End. Mr Walton had been from an early age fascinated by lions and leopards. He wrote his autobiography in 1954 called My Wild Friends. The cover reads “The inhabitants of Chester le Street have long ceased to regard with amazement the spectacle of one of its citizens going shopping accompanied by a fully grown lion.”